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Thornton is a Catholic foundation, founded by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary in 1917 which upholds Christian principles and values. We are an inclusive community and we welcome children of many different denominations and faiths.

Prayer is an important aspect of the life of our school and we worship together as one community.  Every morning begins with prayer either in the Chapel, Assembly Hall or classroom, and every girl has an opportunity to lead and to take an active part in our worship.

We recognise that each girl is making a personal spiritual journey and we invite all members of our community on a journey of self-discovery by offering time and opportunity for reflection and consideration of the spiritual side of life.  In this way each child may grow and develop as an individual who can look outside herself with empathy, wisdom and a sense of purpose. 

Sacramental preparation takes place outside the classroom in liaison with home parishes. Boarders attend Mass each Sunday morning and there are ‘night prayers’ every Monday and Wednesday night.

On Holy Days of Obligation and when marking special occasions, Mass is celebrated for the whole community.  We encourage our girls to recognise their unique gifts and abilities, to work towards their full development and to respect the faith and beliefs of others.

We endeavour to ensure that every voice is listened to, valued and accepted, so that we may all be open to change and can work together to build our community.   In this way, we enable our pupils to be mature, responsible and active members of our community and, later on, of the wider community, as they understand the value of service to others.


The Sisters of Jesus and Mary

The Religious of Jesus and Mary founded Thornton College in 1917 and the Sisters continue to play an active role in the daily life and management of the School. 

Members of the Congregation are the Trustees of the School and serve on the governing body.  A Community of Sisters lives within the main house and provide daily support for both staff and pupils.