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Thornton College has a well established Learning Development Department trained to teach and support children with various learning needs.  This includes children who need additional, more challenging work to ensure that they continue to excel on their journey of learning. 

We have a mixed ability intake and a place is offered to any child who is able to keep up with the pace of our curriculum without having a negative impact on the rest of the peer group.

The Learning Development Department is based in an easily accessible room and provides a flexible, well-resourced environment for teaching, studying and assessment purposes.

Our aim is to nurture and support the child who experiences difficulties in any aspect of learning and to help individuals develop their confidence in order to maximise their potential. Children are identified and provided with the appropriate support as early as possible. We have specific support mechanisms and programmes in place that address each individual’s changing needs throughout their time at Thornton College.  The same is true for our most able pupils.  Their needs are identified and strategies are put in place to ensure that they continue to develop and achieve to their highest potential.

Thornton College uses a range of standardised tests including the Cognitive Abilities Tests to provide a learning profile and to monitor progress. Specialist screening tests and testing for examination arrangements can be carried out at parent’s request.

Parents can also be supplied with the names of Educational Psychologists who are able to undertake a full educational psychological assessment and report.