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At Thornton College your daughter will be encouraged to grow intellectually, think independently and become a responsible young adult.  She will be provided with the skills that will enable her to adapt in a rapidly changing world and perhaps even lead those changes.

We believe that a happy child is a successful child and pride ourselves in ensuring that excellent pastoral care and core values sit alongside outstanding teaching – both inside and outside the classroom.  Thornton College is a school where your daughter will really matter as an individual.  She will have an exceptional education in a safe and caring environment where she will have the physical and emotional space to be inspired, challenged, supported and encouraged to develop her full potential. 

Academic results are consistently excellent - out-performing many of the selective schools in the country.  This is because, at Thornton, we truly educate students as individuals.  We are a non-selective school and we recognise that children develop at different rates and stages of their lives.  Girls do not have to pass an entrance test at a certain point in time to join us.  We believe that there is potential to excel in every student and our environment, with a strong work ethic, exceptional teaching and excellent pastoral care ensures that each student can achieve beyond her expectations.  We will monitor your daughter’s progress continuously, challenging and supporting at the right level and at the right time.  But, this is only one aspect of the education your daughter will receive at Thornton.  She will learn the social and psychological skills required for life beyond the classroom.  I am always so proud when I meet former students’ employers and those who have come into contact with our students outside of school.  They remark that they can always tell a Thornton girl: they are intelligent, impeccably behaved and able to conduct themselves in an appropriate way in all situations.  

Thornton was founded by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary in 1917.  The warm, caring ethos of the school where we respect differences and celebrate similarities is core to the everyday life of the school.

I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet with you to tell you more about the school. You are welcome to join us either on an open morning, one of our 'Meet the Head' coffee mornings or for a personal visit on a normal working day - you can be assured of a warm welcome.

Mrs Jo Storey, Head of Thornton College.