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We offer scholarships for pupils entering Year 7 and Year 9 in the Senior School.

Our Academic Scholarship Examinations are for pupils currently in Year 6 and Year 8, looking for entry to Thornton into Year 7 or Year 9. Scholarship examinations for entry in September 2017 take place in March 2017. If you would like your daughter to be entered for the examinations, she will need to be registered and spend a trial day with us before February half term.

Contact Mrs Claire Ballantyne for further information


Thornton holds scholarship examinations every March for Year 6 and Year 8 internal and external girls, and if successful, a scholarship of up to 50% may be awarded for education in our Senior School. 

Successful candidates qualify for a reduction in fees of up to 50%. Once granted, the scholarship operates for a period of five years. It is understood that pupils accepting a scholarship will remain at the School throughout the period of statutory schooling. 

Candidates take three tests: one each in Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English. The Verbal Reasoning test is standardised, lasting approximately 45 minutes. The English test consists of a comprehension and an essay and lasts for 90 minutes. In Mathematics, the four rules of computation should be known and a good grasp of multiplication tables will be useful.