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Three girls have kindly written about their day to explain what boarding school life is like at Thornton:

Babrina, Age 12, Façade Boarding House

My life in boarding is fun and exciting as we get to do activities and all sorts of stuff. My Housemistress wakes me at 7am and I get ready for breakfast. Then the bell rings at 7.45am and I walk down to breakfast. My favourite breakfast is pancakes with syrup and we have this once or twice a week.

After breakfast I go back to my room and I get ready for school. When the bell rings I go to my classroom. After the school day finishes, all of the boarders go into the dining hall and we go into mentor groups, led by a member of boarding staff. With our mentor group we have a cake and a drink and we chat about how our day has been.

When we have finished, we all go back into our rooms and we get changed out of our school uniform. Then I go to study, and in study Mrs Duffy helps us to do our homework and usually one of the teachers in boarding comes and help us. They are lovely towards other girls and they are really nice during the evening too. After study we go to dinner, my favourite is sticky ribs and we have it quite often.

After we finish dinner we do activities such as French cricket with Miss Morgan and Miss Bradley, or aerobics and cooking with Mrs Sheldon and Mrs Tipping.

That’s what our life in boarding is like. I hope you enjoyed my life in boarding story.

Isabella, Age 11 (Year 6), Bachelor Boarding House

  • 7.50am: Breakfast! There is so much to choose from, you can have cereal, toast, a hot breakfast or all three! We wear our slippers to breakfast with our uniform which makes it feel like home.
  • 8.20am: Back upstairs to pack my school bag and tidy my room.
  • 8.40am: Registration and morning lessons.
  • 12.20pm: Lunchtime! There is always something going on, I love sports so I get involved with as much as I can. Today I go to badminton club.
  • 13.40pm: Registration and normal lessons.
  • 4pm: End of school. I meet up with my friends in the dining room for a snack and to chat over our day with our Housemistresses. For snack there is a choice of homemade goodies, cakes, flapjacks, brownies, that type of thing and a glass of squash. The friendly house staff are on hand if we need to chat about anything. I do games most days after school and on a Wednesday one of the boarding staff takes me to county netball training. Being a boarder means that I get to do so much sport and use all the facilities.
  • 4.20pm: 'Home time'… well… back upstairs to get our home clothes on before study. I collect my books and head downstairs to get my homework done so I can do lots of activities after supper.
  • 6pm: Supper. I love the food here and it is so nice to be able to sit down with my friends and chat.
  • 7pm: Activities time… this is one of my favourite times of the day… you can choose from things like. We also love to watch our favourite TV programmes in the common room on the comfy sofas!
  • 8.30pm: Shower, then in to bed and time to catch up on my reading. Time for some more Harry Potter!
  • 9pm: Lights out. Looking forward to another day at school tomorrow.

Saoirse, Age 15, New Wing Boarding House

Miss Davies wakes us up on a weekday at 7.15am and we have half an hour to get ready for breakfast. Breakfast can be anything from a full English cooked breakfast to bread and cheeses. After breakfast we have to tidy our rooms and get ready for school, which starts at 8.45am.

After school we have a snack and a drink and talk about our day with our boarding house staff. We then go upstairs, get changed and have some free time until 4.45pm, when we start study. During study we are allowed to use the IT suite or work in our rooms until 6.20pm, then it’s supper time.

After supper we do a bit more study until 8pm, again we are allowed to use the computer rooms. At 8pm most of us will make a hot drink and enjoy some ‘down time’ until bedtime at 10pm. Typically, we will watch TV in the common room, use the computers, chat to friends in their rooms – most nights all of the above!

From 9.45pm we have to start getting ready for bed, the Year 10s have to be in their rooms from 9.45pm and have lights out at 10:00pm and the Year 11s have an extra 15 minutes. As we are in the New Wing we’re expected to be mature and responsible, lights go out and there is quiet on the corridor from 10.15pm.