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Careers:  Year 7 – 11

Careers in the Senior School is taught as part of the PSHEE programme.  The Careers lessons encourage students to understand more about themselves, know where to look for useful information and plan for the future.  It is felt that self-awareness, self-determination and self-improvement underpin aspiration, ambition and achievement in Careers, learning and the world of work.  In 2018/19 the STEPS Careers programme was introduced, enabling students to keep a record of their work in individual Careers booklets. 

The main elements of the Careers programme are outlined below:

Year 7

  • Changes including students’ recent transition from primary to secondary school
  • Introductory session to careers resources/websites and who can help
  • Signposts – linking careers choices to subjects at school
  • Kudos –  discover new ideas, understand which careers best suit you and find out how what you are learning links to future opportunities
  • Personal qualities and characteristics eg willingness to learn and achievements both in and out of school
  • Study Skills – planning study, homework, revision and management of time
  • Young Enterprise £10 Challenge

Year 8

  • Different learning styles explored and how they can help with revision, study and option choices
  • School and work – differences and similarities between expectations and behaviour at school against those at work
  • What do you want from work? – what motivates people to work in certain fields
  • Enterprise topic – setting up a company.  Designing, marketing and selling a product
  • Young Enterprise £10 Challenge

Year 9

  • Decisions and choices – how to make decisions and who influences you.  What sort of influences might prompt career choices?
  • Kudos – opportunity to access online careers information prior to making GCSE choices
  • Personal qualities and jobs
  • Using different sources to access careers information eg parents/carers, friends, teachers, Work-Experience
  • Choosing options – good/poor reasons for choosing different subjects
  • End of year review – progress and achievements in and out of school
  • Young Enterprise £10 Challenge

Year 10

  • C.V. Writing – application skills, why is it important
  • World of work – legal limits, rights and responsibilities at work.  Prejudice and discrimination in the work place
  • Be Real Game – students assume life/work roles as adults.  Develop a firm grasp of the links between education, income and job satisfaction.  Learning outcomes include an understanding of the importance of budgeting, work-life-education balance, self-assessment, goal setting and career decision making
  • Peter Jones Foundation Tycoon in Schools

Year 11

  • Presentation on Options post 16 and post 18 – to include A levels/vocational courses/apprenticeships and qualification levels
  • Interview techniques and making applications – interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Kudos careers online – post 16 subjects useful/essential for success in a chosen career
  • Skills and interests – students complete self-assessments based on skills, achievements, roles and responsibilities and prepare a ‘Personal Statement’ linked to these areas
  • Exam revision and memory boosting – managing time effectively
  • Work experience – guidance towards securing Work Experience placements in the Trinity term after GCSEs.  Students are given examples of previous placements and assistance in securing work.  They receive a booklet in which to record their experience and a report, written by the member of staff who visits them
  • Careers Interview – support and guidance given in preparation for post 16 education
  • Peter Jones Foundation Tycoon in Schools

For further information on the above, please contact Mrs Lewis at

Additional workshops during the year include STEM Event, Senior School Careers Event and presentations from companies such as PwC, Network Rail, Santander and The Armed Forces. These give students the opportunity to speak to a variety of delegates from different areas of work and start to build up a portfolio of contacts.