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In both our Nursery and our Reception classes, we encourage each child to develop their imagination with a sense of exploration and discovery.

Our Early Years programme of learning allows children to explore the world and make discoveries within a safe, creative and stimulating environment.

Early Years Learning At Nursery & Reception Age

Staff make sure that children follow a structured Early Learning programme of play and pre-school learning, enabling them to develop their social awareness, self-expression, literacy, numeracy and creative skills.

Learning Through Play At Our Nursery

Children at Genevieve Nursery are encouraged to become independent and to grow in confidence as they participate in a wide range of activities and experience success. Regular activities include fun with French, Dance, ICT, Music and Movement, PE, Library, Singing, Stories, Art and Craft, Cooking and exploring the grounds.

All of these elements contribute towards a child's development of knowledge and their understanding of the world.


Emergent Writing at Nursery

We value every mark made by the children in Early Years education through the Nursery and Reception classes.

This mark-making gradually evolves to include letters and then words. By valuing their emergent writing we develop confident ‘writers’. The children very quickly begin to apply their understanding of phonics when they are writing and celebrate the fast progress they make.