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Thornton College Early Years Nursery and Reception class follow a Synthetic Phonics Scheme called 'Read Write Inc'. 

This is a comprehensive literacy scheme designed for kindergarten age that is proven to "get children reading and writing fast".

Early Years Literacy

The children in the Nursery taking part in the early stages of this literacy scheme are taught the phonic sounds in their purest form.

The children are encouraged to blend sounds into words when they are ready to do so. Our Nursery children also practice writing the sounds and learn a simple phrase that helps them to form each letter correctly. We do not teach letter names at this stage. Read Write Inc is a scheme that allows the children to progress very much at their own rate. 

As such, your child will be encouraged on to their next steps of learning as soon as they are ready.

In addition to their focus upon sounds, your child will bring home a book to share with you from the school collection. It is important that we continue to foster a love of literature and make sharing books and stories fun.

Books from our Oxford Reading Tree Scheme will be provided for reading once the basic skills are secure and your child is confident to apply them to decode words. In the majority of cases this will not be until your child reaches the Reception Class.