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Thornton College has a spectacular co-curricular programme. 


In addition to the host of regular lunchtime, after school and House activities there are special events throughout the year dedicated to the development of the girls' all-round education. 

Activities Week is held in Trinity term each year and normal classes make way for experiences of a lifetime, including action-packed adventure holidays and creative workshops.  


Activities Week 2016

Activities Week in 2016 took place during the first week of July. Pre-Prep girls enjoyed life-enriching day trips, plus a fabulous range of hands-on activities and workshops within the school grounds. 

  • Years 1 and 2 had a stimulating day out at the working farm of Greatworth Hall

The children had the most splendid time during their day trip to a working farm. In the morning we went to the wheat field to hear about how wheat is harvested and the children learnt about all the different machines which are used from ‘Seed to Harvest’.

The highlights were going to the grain shed to look at the combine harvester and the mountain of grain! (Back at school, the children learnt about how wheat was harvested a long time ago by hand).

In the afternoon, the children found out about rearing sheep and chickens. They had the opportunity to see a lamb being weighed - all agreed that the lamb’s wool felt warm and soft. Carlton the cockerel made his presence felt all day long with his loud calling and there were lots of speckled hens roaming freely.

The girls were able to go to the hen house to touch the eggs and later they held the chicks which were chirping loudly in a small  enclosure. We even managed to squeeze in a cookery lesson, following a recipe for delicious rhubarb crumble. 
Mrs Mathieson


School Trips

Warwick Castle, March 2017

The long-awaited trip to Warwick Castle for Years 1 and 2 was a very special day as the girls were going to see first-hand all the many parts of the castle, having learned about them in their Creative Curriculum lessons. 

On arrival, we saw the Gateway and Portcullis which the girls had previously drawn in such detail during lessons. Much to their amusement, they had their photos taken in the stocks. From there, we explored as much of the castle as possible, from the Great Hall down to the Trebuchet by the river, which made a peaceful location for our picnic lunch. 

On our return, I asked the girls which part of the day they liked best and had such enthusiastic responses. Some liked the huge bedrooms upstairs, with all the ‘made-up’ people. A few girls enjoyed seeing the baby in the nursery and the people playing the piano. Others loved learning about King Henry the Eighth’s many wives and seeing all the books in the library. Some girls liked the Kingsmaker rooms because they were dark and scary and most of the girls enjoyed the wonderful, spiral staircase in the middle. 

As well as a huge amount of fun, a great deal of learning about history took place and we managed to avoid any scary dragons all day!
Miss Firstbrook


milton keynes museum, october 2016

Pre-Prep girls travelled back in time at a local museum to introduce them to the concept of the past.

Our purpose was to learn all about how people lived a long time ago when there was no electricity. The museum is an old house which has been laid out as it would have been in Victorian times. Our guides were dressed in Victorian costume. One of them, Mrs Hastings, set the scene when she lit the oil lamp in the parlour and little faces looked up at her and listened with rapt attention as she took us on a journey back in time. 

There were many high spots on our tour. The Victorian classroom was a favourite; the children sat at desks and wrote on slates, they heard that Victorian teachers were very strict and the children may have had the cane if they were naughty.

We went to the laundry where we all had a go at wringing out the wet clothes.  In the kitchen we learnt that bread was cooked on a kitchen range. The important people ate the ‘upper crust’ and the servants ate the sooty bottom. Yuk! Every part of the pig was eaten even its toes – this news was accompanied by loud squeals of horror.  We learnt a great deal about ‘Life in the Past’ and we came away understanding how hard life had been for the Victorians.
Mrs Mathieson


Woburn Safari Park, March 2016

Bedfordshire’s wild animal park was the destination for Years 1 and 2 as part of their Creative Curriculum topic. Prior to the trip, the children had been learning about animals. Their starting point was The Carnival of the Animals by French composer Saint-Saëns, which prompted them to look at African animals in different landscapes. This trip gave them an exciting opportunity to go on their own safari and see the animals at close quarters.

A member of staff from the safari park also talked to the girls about different habitats and how animals adapt to them.


Cotswold Wildlife Park, June 2015

Years 1 and 2 enjoyed meets and greets with the likes of camels, snakes, meerkats and penguins at Cotswold Wildlife Park in a full day of fun and adventure.