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Pastoral care is excellent at Thornton and is a priority for everyone in the school.  The form tutor plays a vital role in ensuring that girls are happy and making good progress.

We expect good behaviour and good manners.  Girls are respectful towards one another and towards their teachers. They understand the value of working co-operatively and are encouraged to develop leadership skills and to be sympathetic towards the needs of others.

Year 11 girls are appointed as class prefects, providing an additional support network for girls across the Prep and Senior school.   

All staff, teaching and non-teaching, work hard to ensure that girls are happy and are enjoying their time at Thornton.  Before any girl joins us, we ask that she spends a day with us in school with her peer group.  This means that she can make friends before she even starts with us.  We also operate a successful buddy system.

Mrs Wheatle is our full time school matron.  She manages the school surgery and, with the assistance of Mrs Beale, will look after any girls who may have hurt themselves playing or who feel unwell whilst at school.  Mrs Wheatle will also administer any medication girls are taking.