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In addition to A-Level and GCSE qualifications, the Business and Economics department offers a range of opportunities to allow students to build the skills and knowledge that they will need in the world of work. Students can join the Enterprise Society from Year 6 upwards and begin to create products to raise money for charities of their choice.


Business is designed to equip our students with comprehensive knowledge and skills they will need to overcome challenges presented during in their future study and careers. To understand how businesses behave, we consider the business environment, stakeholder needs and how managers take decisions and develop strategy. Students consider business mission, profitability and develop the numerical and accountancy skills required to assess investment decisions. This course will appeal to students who are interested in how businesses work and the behaviour of people within them. This diverse specification comprises a board range of topics both practical and theoretical giving it wide appeal and relevance.

Business equips students them with the skills and knowledge to progress to university, set up their own enterprise or move into employment. There are a large number of Business courses offered by Universities providing breadth of subjects and methods of study. Business, Marketing and Management studies can be pursued in their own right or linked to Accountancy, Computing, Food, Science, Languages, Mathematics and Psychology. Business is a relevant course which will help you to make the most of your future career.

The topics lend themselves to studying and engaging with the business world. The specification and assessment will encourage students to follow business developments and think critically about contemporary business issues. Most of the assessment material is based on real business situations. Learning is complemented by trips to real businesses to see the concepts studied in action.  By examining and thinking critically about real business situations as you study the subject, students will gain an insight into different contexts which will help you to understand the key issues in any situation and compare and contrast this with other situations and apply your understanding.


We follow the AQA A-Level Economics course which allows students to relate what they are learning to the world around them – locally, nationally and globally. Economics provides a unique insight into much of what happens in the real world – why are some commodities more expensive than others? Why do some people earn so much? Why is it sometimes so difficult for people to find jobs? It looks at the role of Governments – how involved should they be in what we buy, how much we earn or how firms behave? What is their role in managing the economy, and how effectively can they do so? Economics explains how markets work – invaluable knowledge for anyone looking to pursue a career in buying or selling, management or policy making.

Students study Economics because it provides a perfect combination of numeracy, literacy, calculations and analysis. As a social science it provides insight into the real world, the opportunity to learn how to critically assess evidence and deliver well-structured arguments. There are a number of university courses and career options where an Economics A-level is an advantage including economics, business studies, social sciences and engineering.


The Enterprise Society offers our students the opportunity to develop transferable skills which will help them in their future studies and career. The girls participate in national competitions to spot gaps in the market, develop products to meet consumer needs and raise money for charity. Through these projects the students build confidence and the ability to work well as a team, manage their time, show initiative and solve problems. We tend to run one project each term giving different year groups an opportunity to get involved.

More details on the GCSE and A Level courses content and the Enterprise Society's projects are available here.