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Results have been consistently excellent and many girls choose to go on and study geography at A level. In 2016 GCSE Results;  100% Grade A*-C and 55% A*-A.

Lower school (Years 7 - 9)  lessons are taught in two 35 minute sessions while GCSE students have four 35 minute lessons per week and A Level students have eight 35 minutes lessons.

Homework is used to consolidate learning. Emphasis is placed on the importance of good presentation and girls are encouraged to practise Atlas skills and to follow recent geographical events through classroom discussion.

Equal emphasis is placed on physical and human geography and the relevance of caring for the environment underpins all topics studied.

At Thornton AQA Specification A is followed.

In Year 10  GCSE Geography (8035) Three topics are studied; Challenge of Natural Hazards, Urban issues and Challenges.

In Year 11  The Coastal Zone, The Development Gap and The Restless Earth are the chosen topics.

In Year 12  AQA  A-Level Geography (7037)  Water and Carbon Cycles, Coastal Systems and Landscapes, and Global Systems and Global Governance are the chosen topics.

Fieldwork is an important and enjoyable part of studying geography. The school grounds are used for a microclimate study, investigation of weathering processes and environmental studies. GCSE pupils have the opportunity for a number of human and physical Geography fieldwork days. Year 12 have a four day residential fieldwork visit to Swanage in Dorset.

The subject is taught by two specialist teachers; Mrs K Quainton for Years 7, 8 and 9 and Mr D Coltman for Years 10,11 and Sixth Form.