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Advanced level work is demanding and requires a great deal of commitment and individual study.  Students need to be aware that a strong performance at GCSE is advisable to start an A level course in order to cope with the difficulty and volume of work.  In accordance with the Thornton College ethos, however, academic ability will not be the only part of the selection process. 

Entry requirements for each subject will be detailed accordingly as a guideline.

External applicants must be formally registered to be included in the process. 

Application forms for Sixth Form entry should be submitted, outlining your strengths and suitability.  All candidates will then be invited for interview with the Head of Thornton College. 

Candidates will be informed whether they have been offered a place following an interview.  All offers are conditional on satisfactory performance at GCSE. Staff at Thornton will be able to advise you of your suitability for any subject choice, particularly those which are new introductions at A level such as Economics, Government & Politics and Psychology.