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Dear Delegates and Advisors

I would like to extend my personal thanks for choosing to join us at our first ever Thornton Model United Nations this November. Our conference is equally suitable for seasoned MUN delegates or those of you for whom this will be a totally new experience. Our team have been working extremely hard to ensure that this conference is stimulating, enjoyable and accessible to all.

Our theme this year is ‘Global Challenges and Threats to World Peace.’ In the modern world, it is becoming increasingly evident that there are now different threats to peace such as cyber war, the threat of biological warfare and a rising threat of terrorism. The threat of war and the consequences have huge effects on countries, whether that be on the people, the environment or their status in the world. Therefore, in our conference we would like to encourage the current generation to tackle these global problems and discuss resolutions so that future generations can live in a world safer to that which we live in now.

Examples of resolutions that could be debated:

  • The threat of Nuclear Weapons in the modern world
  • The problem of Refugees in Europe
  • Women, Peace, and Security
  • The question of Nuclear Disarmament
  • Small Arms and Light Weapons Proliferation

A list of the committees that we will be running are as follows:

  • Human Rights
  • Environment 
  • Social and Economic
  • Health
  • Security Council

Our conference is something to be enjoyed by all and not looked upon to be scary or daunting. It is understandable if this is your first conference and you do feel like this, however with the correct preparation and guidance, it will be an exciting experience you can immerse yourself in. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all at We look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours sincerely, 

Emma Evans
Thornton MUN 2018


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